GED Family-Led Academic Night

GED Family-Led Academic Night
Posted on 12/03/2018
This is the image for the news article titled GED Family-Led Academic NightLast year, GED students decided as a group to begin hosting Family-Led Academic Nights due to their deep interest in how to support their children’s academic confidence and success,

The first Family-Led Academic Night was held during the Fall 2018 semester; another will be held during the Spring 2019 semester. The event centers the children’s own insights into what they need for academic support.

The event aims to create a supportive space and dialogue to empower parents and children to lead inquiries and seek out solutions, support, and resources to benefit their children’s learning and to learn alongside their children.

Reflections from the first-ever event:
The Family-Led Academic Night was very helpful. It gave me insight on what help my daughter needs in school, as well as within class. My daughter loved it. She was very open to talking to Erica about her struggles in subjects in class. This helped me as well, as a parent, to know what’s going on in my daughter’s life at school. I want to help my child be more open about class, her teacher, and her classmates with me. This helped us connect in that area. I’m very pleased to have attended and would love to attend other GED Family-Led Academic Nights so I can learn how to help my child.
— Gia Osorio, GED and SCC Community-embedded ENG101 and CRW150 student

How can you get unstuck? You can get unstuck by first unraveling what you’re stuck on. Then get some help and practice, practice, practice. You end up working your way up. Eventually, you will get unstuck.
— Raven Perez (7th grade), daughter of Terisa Leonard, SCC Community-embedded ENG101 and CRW150 student, shares her metacognitive wisdom and growth mindset

For more information about GED and other adult Community learning opportunities, contact Erica Litz at 480-362-2142.

A GED student and their child participate during the Family-Led Academic Night event.
A GED student and their child participate during the Family-Led Academic Night event.
A child of a GED student participates during the Family-Led Academic Night event.
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